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The CoPs Datalogger

The datalogger developed for the CoPs sensor is a unique and flexible datalogger that fulfil todays and tomorrow’s requirements. The logger handles different types of communication to and from the unit, solving almost any project requirements. It has a power management solution with an internal battery with possible external solar panel or external power support. It includes features like GPS, barometric pressure and temperature.


The whole logger consists of 3 different parts. The top part which includes the battery and antenna for the GPS. The middle part consists of the electronics which include external communication, sensor communication, processing capacity, barometric and temperature sensor

The logger could also be used to measure other very relevant sensor data like water level, climatic data and 3rd part water sensors. This gives the CoPs solution an advantage to provide a complete overview of relevant project parameters to the user of the system.


For the sensor we have developed a mounting bracket which makes it possible mount the logger onto flat and round surfaces. The bracket also protects against theft and with makes it easy to install it on most surfaces and pipes.

The logger gives a high IP protection and is designed to handle challenging climatic project sites.  


The logger is set up to transfer data from the sensor to Cautus Web. Cautus Web has a two-way communication to the datalogger which makes it easy to do changes to the system.

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