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The CoPs Web Solution

Once the data from the sensor is captured the data is transferred to a cloud solution called Cautus Web. Here the data from the sensor is further processed and converted into a concentration of the given pesticide or nitrate.


Cautus Web consist if different modules that present the information from the sensor in a user-friendly way. All loggers are seen on the map with both status which reflect the technical and measurement status. Data could be seen in different plots and combined with other relevant sensor data. Alarms could be set both for technical and measurement data and alarms could be sent out to different defined user at different alarm levels. The system could be used by different types of users if the project owner wants to control the project with different user levels.


Example from some of the features is presented in the different screen shots below.

Log -in:

Map module

Once accessing the project, a map of the project area is presented. Installed sensors with its status is presented with an green, orange or red icon.

Clicking on the given icon more information about the logger and sensor is presented.

Plot module

The screenshot present how CoPs sensors are presented measuring level of nitrate during a field test. One could easily change measurement type, time span, and sensors I the gibe project.

The illustration below show how detailed information about the measurements at a given time. In this case both nitrate and temperature values are presented.

A plot of the technical status of the seen below.

Under the Sensor module all sensors for the project are presented. Here all the detailed information about the sensor are stored and presented. It will by a green, orange and read status sign indicate the technical or measurement status.

Cautus Web has a technical monitoring that gives information about the critical parameters to run the sensors continuously.  

For both technical status and data from the sensor’s alarms could be defined. Below is an alarm based on nitrate level and battery level is defined for one installation. In this case the nitrat level is checked against pre-defined levels every 15 minutes. If the nitrat level is too high, Cautus Web will notify the users which is assigned to the alarm group.

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