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The CoPs Sensor

The sensing platform is an integrated autonomous electrochemical system for in-situ pesticide and nitrate residue monitoring in groundwater supplies, lakes, rivers and water distribution networks (Figure 1). Our innovative solution rapidly identifies specific contaminants – such as Nitrate and pesticides (i.e. Glyphosate, Bentazon, Lindane and bisphenol chloridazon). The unit is designed to sustain various operating environments and provide reliable measurements.

The measuring unit consists of two parts, the sensor reader and the sensing cartridge. The sensor reader is one time investment that does not need to be changed or maintained. The sensing cartridge in the measuring unit is customizable and can host up to 11 different sensors that can measure various contaminants of the customer choice once full library of contaminants are developed.

The entire measuring unit is submersible under water level and down to 1 m below water surface.

See an animation on the water flow in the viewo below 

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