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The CoPs Concept

The CoPs (Continuous hazardous water Pollutants sensing in the environment) project combines the expertise of the 3 industry partners – ground-breaking electrochemical sensors developed by IPM-INTELLIGENT POLLUTANT (Denmark), miniaturised electronics customised by Palmsens (Netherlands) and geo-monitoring hardware and software from Cautus Geo (Norway)

The solution consists of 3 main parts. The sensor which is placed in the water, a datalogger which is connected to the sensor and a cloud based software solution.


The datalogger powers the sensor and decide when the sensor should wake up and take a measurement. Once the sensor has done its data capture the data is transferred to the cloud. The data is further analysed and transformed into concentration of the specific compounds.

The project will focus on measuring some key pesticides and nitrate. Once the system is installed it will work automatically with very little service, maintenance, and calibration.

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